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Beautiful coastline ofGili Air near Bali - H2O yoga and Meditation center

Our Story - Bali Yoga Retreat

H2O Yoga and Meditation Center is located on the tranquil island of Gili Air just two hours from Bali. Whilst traveling in 2009, the founder Bindu was guided towards the Island and promptly decided this was the place to realize his dream of setting up yoga and meditation centre - many trips to Lombok later and the centre opened its doors in May, 2011.

Sunset Boat cruise in the paradise known as Gili Air near Bali

Why H20?

Gili Air literally means 'Island of water'- Living Earth is 70% water, as is the human body. The element water relates to our emotions, which when in harmony ebb and flow like our great oceans. H20 represents Health - Happiness - Optimism. H20 is a peaceful sanctuary that provides space for intimate reflection and facilitates connection with other like minded wanderers.

Twin LotusA Taste of Paradise

H2O is the ultimate island escape - sunrise to sunset! Located only 300 meters from the beach front, it is abundant with nature and nestled amongst timeless local lifestyle. It is a wonderfully unique resting place and sanctuary for travelers and yogis alike.

Gili Air's exquisite coastline offers beautiful white sandy beaches and numerous sea view restaurants serving fresh fish. The tranquil waters surrounding the island are perfect for snorkeling and diving and a great place to swim with turtles. H2O provides the opportunity to seek balance in body and mind in a superb natural, outdoor setting.

A timeless taste of the local enduring culture where H2O Yoga and Meditation Yoga Shala in Gili Air Indonesia near Bali is located

Experience of Peace

There are NO motorized vehicles on the quintessential tropical island of Gili Air. The main means of transportation are bicycles and horse & cart. The island very much invites you to immerse yourself in a slower, more even paced way of being. The silent breeze is only intermittently broken by the sounds of village life, the call to prayer from the neighboring mosque, falling coconuts, and bird song.

The H2O Yoga and Meditation Yoga Shala in Gili Air Indonesia near BaliThe Kunda

At the heart of H2O is an inspiring open-aired, circular Yoga shala, with a high-domed natural thatch roof. Our classes are intimately set amongst natural beauty, and thus offer a deep sense of earth connection, healing and freedom. H2O Yoga and Meditation Center offers daily Yoga classes for all levels, and a variety of workshops, Yoga trainings and retreats.

Our Vision

H2O is committed to maintaining a sacred space where people can come and revitalize, gain clarity in their lives, and cultivate a deeper relationship with them-selves. We are ever more fully investing efforts into becoming a leader in residential yoga and meditation retreats and teacher trainings in the Bali region.

A Note from the founder

"Islands have always held a unique feeling and experience for me. I worked on a small Island named 'Cockatoo Island' in Sydney Harbor for 4 years. I had various fun filled holidays on Pumpkin Island, Fraser Island and Great Keppel Island all on the East Coast of Australia, and lived on Isle of Man in the British Isles for 2 years. So it came as no surprise to myself and friends when I found my home in paradise (or it found me) on the island of Gili Air, Indonesia.

When asked by a friend to describe the island in one word it was really tricky. Yes it is peaceful, and being here makes me feel happy, full of life and so many other positive emotions, but it took a couple of minutes to find my actual answer. 'Contentment', I confidently replied. I have this incredible feeling that I am connected to nature, myself and the universe. I am totally at peace, not needing material possessions or external entertainment for short term pleasure. Content in every possible way.

When you come to visit you will see what I mean!"