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Getting to Gili Air from Bali is easy. Discover Paradise at H2O Yoga and Meditation Center, cheap retreat baliwood trim Bali, Bali Yoga
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GILI Air Accommodation - Getting to Gili Air is Easy!

Gili Islands near Bali is a beautiful location for yoga and meditation retreats, workshops and Yoga Alliance Teacher Training progams near Bali, cheap retreat bali

Bali to Gili Air

Getting to the Gili Islands is straightforward and transport can be easily arranged on arrival in Bali. There are many travel agents in the tourist hotspots where you can book your tickets to leave the following day. Alternatively you can take a taxi directly from the airport to Padang Bai seaside village (US$30). From here you can take the fast boat either the same day (depending on your time of arrival in Padang Bai) or on the following morning. There are several tour operators selling fast boat tickets in Padang Bai. If you do choose to stay the night there, good food and clean rooms can be found at "The Buddha Hotel".

Three recommended options that address both budget and travel time.

FAST Boat offers great affordable transportation to Gili Air in the Bali area, GILI Air Accommodation

Option 1- Fast Boat

The FAST BOAT is the most common option. All travel agents offer combined tickets which include pick up from your accommodation at around 7am and the 1.5hr mini bus journey to Padang Bai harbor. The sea crossing from there by fast boat is also 1.5hrs, and gets you to Gili Air at around 11.30am. Be sure that you are being dropped off on Gili Air, as the final stop is often Gili Trawangan. The total cost of combined tickets is approximately IDR 350,000 one way or IDR 600,000 open return.

Option 2- Flying

A flight from Denpasar to the new airport near Kuta, Lombok takes 30 mins and will cost approximately US$50 - US$100. On arrival in southern Lombok you will need to take a taxi to Bhangsal Harbour in the north (2hrs), costing around US$30. The 15min boat journey from there across to Gili Air costs approximately US$20 for a chartered boat.
Note: Baggage restrictions may apply to your aircraft.

Option 3 - Slow Boat (Budget)

A SLOW BOAT combined ticket to Gili Air costs approximately US$20 one way. This involves two minivan rides, the 5hr ferry (slow boat) ride, and a final short public boat ride. In total this option takes 12 hours, and gets you to Gili Air at around 6pm. Although seemingly haphazard, the slow boat package is actually very well organized and is a good opportunity to meet other backpackers. You will be asked en route to purchase an open return ticket. Although this is a cheaper option than buying your ticket back to Bali from Gili Air operators, most visitors do prefer to return via fast boat, deciding that one slow boat voyage is enough.

Getting to the centre - You can take a horse cart for 100,000 IDR or otherwise it is a 10min stroll down the centre of the Island - just follow the H2O signs that can be seen all over the Island!