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Bindu Bio - H20 Yoga and Meditation Center, Bali Yoga, Yoga teacher training Bali, Bali 200 hour yoga teacher trainingBindu (Jon Meston) is Australian born, but has spent many years living abroad, traveling and experiencing the splendor of a true spiritual quest. The focus of his journeys through the last decade have been the discovery and exploration of yoga, meditation and spiritual studies with numerous teachers and artists of the way. At the core of his foundation as a teacher and spiritual mentor is a radiant expression that is experienced in all he shares. From this, “H2O Yoga and Meditation Center was born”.

H20 is a place that personifies the elements of all those places and experiences molded into one. Their essence is the framework of this unique Center that has something for everyone to enjoy. The teachings he shares come from retreats with the Brahma Kumaris, Theravada, Mahayana, Zen Buddhism and Las Piramides Del Ka in Guatemala studying Metaphysics with ‘Chaty’ one of his most revered spiritual Gurus. He has studied many traditions and styles of yoga with International teachers in various continents, taking the best from all and sharing that knowledge to give a broader understanding of yoga and it's joy.

The yoga classes and meditation classes he delivers today are of a flowing and imbue a happy, mindful expression, inviting spiritual splendor.