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*Reservation can be made easily by emailing us through the 'Contact' section of this website.
Therapy Therapy


Yoga MenuTraditional Full Body Massage 60/90 minutes
200.000 / 290.000
A deep pressure massage using a variety of techniques including deep tissue manipulation and gentle stretching of muscles to soften and release. This massage has a cleansing effect on mind and body, leaving you refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated.

Thai massage 60 minutes
This unique massage combines elements of yoga stretches, acupuncture, gentle manipulation of muscles and joints it will boost energy and improve your range of movement and flexibility.

Back, Neck and Shoulder massage 45 minutes
A massage that specifically targets the back, neck and shoulders. This is the ideal solution if you haven't got time for a full holistic body massage or if you have concentrated aches and pains, discomfort or tension in the upper body.

Foot Reflexology massage 30 minutes
This traditional healing method is applied to the heel and sole of the foot, to stimulate the nerve endings and release blocked energy points; it will relax and refresh you and allow you to feel rebalanced.


Body Scrub (Jasmine, Coffee, Green Tea) 45 minutes
Besides feeling wonderful, this body scrub has several rejuvenating benefits for the skin. It will gently remove dead skin cells, dirt and oil from the outer layer of skin. This helps to unclog pores and expose your skin's underlying healthier layers, leaving the skin glowing, replenished and flawless.

This deep cleanse for the face includes a deep facial massage to refine the pores, and a deep cleansing  mask .It will help to smooth fine lines and promote collagen production. To follow, our therapist will complete a scalp and shoulder massage to relieve tension.


Manicure 60 minutes
A manicure will clean and shape your nails and treat your cuticles, which is vital for keeping your nails healthy and strong. During the manicure your hands will be treated to a luxurious hand massage to improve circulation and stimulate blood flow. A nail polish is included.

Pedicure 60 minutes
A pedicure will not only help your feet look pretty, it will also keep your nails trimmed, calluses controlled and skin moisturized. In addition, a foot massage will help to relieve tension and stimulate circulation. A nail polish is included.

Nail Polish Change 15 minutes

Nature Baths: 60 minutes
The ultimate relaxation (as you can see in the photo below) Taking a hot bubble bath, looking up to the blue sky and out in to nature in a private setting. A true pampering gift of 'self love'

Ear Candle Therapy 30 minutes
Ear candle therapy will clear wax and debris from the ear canal. It relieves pressure from behind the eardrum. It can help to ease earache, headache, sinus pressure and allergies.

Wellness Yoga

Specialised treatments:

Reservations for any of these treatments can be made by emailing us with your proposed dates.

Yoga Therapy
Yoga therapy addresses specific physical problems such as pain in the hips or back, a trapped nerve difficulty such as sciatica, tension specific such as headaches, or postural difficulties like spondylitis. Yoga therapy can also aid emotional difficulties such as depression, anxiety or post traumatic stress. Yoga Therapy uses yoga asanas (postures) conscious breath regulation, meditative practices, visualizations and use of vocal sounds. Recommendation on diets and life style changes.
Price: 450,000 IDR

Deep Tissue Marma Points
This therapy will focus on working with the deeper layers of muscles by manipulation of the fascia (connective tissue). It is excellent for general aches and pains, contracted areas such as a stiff neck, back and/or shoulders or leg muscle tightness. The Marma points are more commonly known as acupressure points. In this type of massage we use soft pressure applied with the finger tips to the marma points. In addition to promoting physical benefits, it is good to reduce blood pressure, insomnia, balancing the body, calming the mind, anxiety and depression. It has been known to release trapped negative emotions which is all part of the cleansing process.
Price: 450,000 IDR (One hour)

Private Yoga Class
One to One teaching is the optimal way to adapt yoga to the individual student. This is the traditional way of teaching yoga. A private yoga class will improve your yoga practice according to your individual needs and goals. We will explore different areas of a yoga practice: posture, meditation and breathing exercises. Private yoga classes can be completed individually, with a partner or as small group or even family yoga. Prices therefore vary and start from 450,000 IDR

Yoga Meditation CenterReiki is a Japanese healing practice that promotes deep relaxation through 'laying on hands'. It is based on the idea that sickness or stress is caused by blockages or low levels of the 'life force energy' that flows through us. Reiki promotes the flow of this 'life force energy' through an energy transfer between the healer supporting the healing of the whole person including their body, emotions, mind, and spirit. A treatment feels like a warm glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Its benefits include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well being.
Price: 450,000

Reiki Training
Would you like to learn more about Reiki? Are you interested in using life force energy to heal yourself and others?

Reiki level I:
Learn to harness the healing energy of the Universe to work on healing the physical body of yourself and others. In this course we will cover the history of Reiki, what Reiki is, how to use Reiki to work on yourself, offering reiki to others, the importance of meditation and more… Upon completion of this course you will be certified in Reiki Level I.

Reiki level II:
Take your Reiki practice to the next level. Learn to work on healing mental and emotional energy of yourself and others and use the power of the Reiki symbols to strengthen the energy you are sending. Learn to give Reiki from a distance with the distance symbol. Upon completion of this course you will be certified in Reiki Level II.