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Dining in Gili Air - Meditation Courses Bali

Great Indonesian Food in Gili Air near Bali, Plecing Kangkung, Meditation Courses Bali

Food on Gili Air is unpretentious and is made with predominantly locally sourced ingredients. Some of the most appetizing options are the local Indonesian specialties, such as 'Gado Gado'; steamed veggies with a delicious peanut sauce, or 'Nasi Campur'; white rice with a selection of vegetables, tofu, tempe, chicken or fish. Chicken or freshly caught fish sate are also popular choices as well as 'Urap Urap'; veggies with grated coconut. Ask for the local Sambal (Chili sauce) to give your dish extra zing. Vegetarians will find the local dishes with their prolific use of tempe a viable meal option. 

Scallywags in Gili Air near Bali, Meditation Courses BaliRestaurants tend to specialize in freshly grilled seafood and Indonesian dishes. Cheap beach side establishments cater for western palates (i.e. not so spicy), and often serve Thai, Italian and Chinese food also. Be sure to head inland to try the authentic local cuisine! A more up market option is Scallywag's Organic Beach Club which offers more sophisticated mains along with an all you can eat salad bar and some rather sumptuous desserts.

Fruit juices are ubiquitous throughout the islands eateries, but be sure to specify 'no sugar' if you don't want any added. The water of fresh young coconuts, opened while you wait, is a real treat and incredibly refreshing.
There are many 'Warungs' on the island; small kitchens, usually attached to someone's home that serve good quality Indonesian dishes for an absolute steal; US$1-2.

Fresh fruits and vegitable of Gili Air near Bali
There is one main Supermarket "Sitty shop" where most food staples can be purchased, including natural yoghurt. Bear in mind that being an island, Gili Air is subject to fresh goods arriving by boat and hence fruit selection varies from day to day. Papayas, bananas, avocados and pineapple are always in abundance as well as mangos in season. Exotic local fruits such as mangosteens, rambutan (local lychees) and dragon fruit are also widely available when in season; YUM!