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The island has one ATM and several foreign currency exchange outlets that change US $, AUS $, Euros and GBP etc.

There are four internet cafes, two of which have wireless access and Skype. Scallywag's restaurant has the most reliable wireless internet connection.

Shopping on the Island
There is one large convenience store that sells toiletries, fresh fruits and vegetables, and a good selection of other general groceries.

Gili Air can be visited all year round as the climate remains warm and tropical throughout. Hot sunny days, clear blue skies, and crystalline calm sea can be enjoyed anytime of the year. The 'dry season' begins in April/May and breaks when the rains arrive in December. Rainy season is a favorite for some as the island becomes lush with fresh growth. Although grey skies can linger, the rain tends to be restricted to just a few hours each day, and is generally followed by clear sunny periods. During the rainy season the sea can sometimes get a little wilder and water visibility can drop. Rain or shine the island is always rich with nature's gifts.

Be Courteous of Local Customs
The stunning island of Gili Air has the largest local community (~1500 inhabitants) of all the Gili islands, which contributes to its unique character. Islam is practiced by most of the islands inhabitants and the call to prayer can often be heard from the mosque. Local religious attitudes vary from devout to indifferent, and we here at H20 respect and rejoice in this diversity.

*Clothing - whilst wearing bathers, bikinis (bottom and top) and sarongs on the beach front is completely acceptable, when heading inland please wear modest clothing. Please be culturally sensitive.