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Foundations & Alignment - Improve your yoga practice

Yoga WorkshopIt's not just beginners who need to develop and improve their yoga practice. Learning correct body alignment and muscle activation in foundational yoga poses is an investment you will take with you to every yoga class you ever attend!

Develop strength, flexibility and more awareness about your own body as you explore important foundational yoga asanas found in most yoga classes - from standing to sitting poses, twists and inversions. Learn about different styles of yoga and the importance of breathing techniques in your practice.

Asanas need to be adapted depending on the limitations your strengths of your own body. In this workshop, explore how to modify them in a way that's right for YOUR body using right alignment and good technique - creating ease and stability in poses as you learn HOW and WHY you should do it.

This workshop is relaxed & informal you are encouraged to ask questions throughout.

It takes 300 repetitions to create a good habit... & 3000 repetitions to change a bad habit!

When: Every Friday 11am-2pm
Where: H2O Yoga and Meditation Centre, Gili Air
Cost: 300,000 IDR for three hours
To Register: Enquire at H20 Yoga or email


Stength and alignment for arm balances and inversions

Yoga WorkshopA fun, challenging strength and alignment building (3 hour) workshop to develop good, safe technique for arm balances & inversions.

STRENGTHEN & ALIGN: Wrists, Shoulders, Arms, Legs and Core

LEARN how to use your breath (pranayama) to develop mind concentration, clarity and strength and to lift and control the body.

This workshop will invigorate you, challenge you and educate you.

All students will have direct hands-on correction and alignment.

When: Every Tuesday 11am-2pm
Where: H2O Yoga and Meditation Centre, Gili Air
Cost: 300,000 IDR for three hours
To Register: Enquire at H20 Yoga or email

C.I.T.Y Confidence In Teaching Yoga

2016:    April 2 - 8    August 6 - 12    

This course takes a maximum of 10 people so you can receive the personal attention you need and deserve.
Many of the most confident and effective Yoga Teachers did not arrive at that point through natural talent. It happens through commitment, a vision, letting go of fear and gaining the best teaching tools.

Bindu Meston, founder of H20 Yoga and Meditation Center Gili Air (one of the largest centers in the Bali- Lombok region) has worked with many new teachers in the same predicament and turned things around for them. Instilling confidence, positivity and the spiritual essence that brings joy in a rewarding career.

Coming out of a yoga teacher training with a lack of confidence is very common. It is often due to a high number of course participants, little personal attention and minimal time actually teaching. Teachers delivering trainings are challenged with the strict curriculum of Yoga's governing bodies to focus specifically on the skills involved in teaching that many need assistance with.

This is the reason the C.I.T.Y course has been developed.

This precision designed course will springboard you to professional and confident yoga teaching. Are you nervous? Unsure? Lacking confidence? Doubting your ability? All obstacles will be removed in this A – Z of teaching, aligning you to positive effective and well prepared leadership. "This is fast tracking teaching skills at its best, giving you the edge!"

- Perfect for students both before or after a teacher training.

Proposed Schedule:

**Note: With the nature of this course there is a strong focus on the people attending doing the teaching. During the week we keep polishing, and polishing our craft through analysis and refinement.

Arrive Saturday :

  • Saturday: 6.45pm - 7.45 pm Discussion / preparation
  • Sunday to Thursday:
    • 6 am - 6.45 am Asana and meditation
    • 6.45 - 8.30 am Teaching/ Analysis/ Refinement
    • 8.30 am Breakfast
    • 9.15 am to 10.30 am Free time
    • 10.30 am - 11 am Group discussion Q & As Setting a focus for teaching session
    • 11 am - 1 pm Teaching/ Analysis/ Refinement
    • 1pm - 3 pm Free time & class planning
    • 3 pm - 4.30 pm Teaching/Analysis/Refinement
    • 4.30 pm - 5.30 pm Dialogue: "Your Word is your Wand!"
    • 5.30 pm - 6 pm Break
    • 6 pm - 7 pm: Ingredients/ Essential components.

$625USD *Early Bird ( 21 days prior) $575USD

- 6 nights shared accommodation
- All tuition and classes.
- Return fast boat from Bali to Gili Air
- Daily Island Breakfast
- Drinking water
- Course Manual

• Upgrade to a private bungalow for an additional $25 - $35USD per night.

C.I T.Y (Confidence In Teaching Yoga)