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True Nature Yoga / Meditation Bali Retreat
Gili Air, Indonesia
7 Days

Beginners - Intermediate - Advanced
Solo Travellers - Friends - Couples
All welcome
Also Includes a 3 hour workshop
(your choice of either Beginners workshop or Yin workshop)

Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Aliance

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 Yoga Retreat

Yoga Mindfullness H20 has hosted 75 retreats in a 4 year period with no cancellations. This means you can book in confidence.

Why do all of our events go ahead?

  1. Our retreats are 'In house' meaning they are held at our island paradise resort on Gili Air.
    Therefore we do not encounter problems in renting locations and we do not have a minimal number or attendees required to proceed. It truly is the best retreat location in the world.
  2. "The word is out." Our retreats have gained an excellent reputation! You don't have to search far to find a great review.
    There are no last minute disappointments at H20. Just choose your date, reserve your place, finalize your travel plans, relax and breathe easy!

Testimonials 2017

"Everything was well organized, lovely food, very nice staff and people working in the centre. I would definitely recommend it!"
Nadja, 10/9/17, Cologne - Germany

"The instruction and the teachers are top shelf. I will take away the beginnings of a lifetime of practice and memories I will cherish the rest of my life."
Tom, 10/9/17, Vancouver - Canada

"I will return home with so many tools to enrich my life. It was so well thought out, every activity having some much meaning."
Michelle, 1/4/17, Melbourne - Australia

"I highly recommend this particular retreat for the quality of the teaching staff and the soul of the centre and the participants."
Tanis, 1/4/17, Montana - U.S.A

"I had the most amazing time on the retreat at H20, without wanting to sound cliché, it really was a life changing experience !"
Steph, 1/4/17, Brighton - UK

"I love this Yoga Centre, that is why I came back again after my last visit 5 years ago!. The atmosphere, the great people working there and the yoga classes are all high quality."
Tessa, 18/2/17, Utah - U.S.A

"I arrived stressed and ready for a week of peace, yoga and alone time. I got everything and more. I left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I also loved the food in the café. I look forward to my next trip to H20!"
Whitney, 18/2/17, Amsterdam - Netherlands

"I came feeling a bit negative and sad from my life before. Now I feel like I can enjoy life in a much healthier and positive way. I would definitely recommend this retreat to everyone"
Duli, 18/2/17, Spain

"I would thoroughly recommend this retreat for anyone and everyone! It brings you back in touch with nature and reminds you to slow down and appreciate the simple things in life that bring you joy. You will leave with a stronger connection to your true self and with more love and empathy for others."
Vannesa, 18/2/17, Sydney - Australia

Testimonials 2016

"It was the best gift I have ever given myself"
Alicia from U.S.A . January 2016

Yoga Retreat On the magical island of Gili Air this seven day 'True Nature' meditation and yoga retreat provides the opportunity to slow down and reconnect with your core essence, creating space for inner stillness and reflection.

No previous experience in either field is required; this retreat will provide a meaningful experience for everyone; beginners and advanced yogis alike. Sunrise and sunset meditations on the Islands shores will complement your yoga asana practice and pave the way for our journey of 'inter-being', a feeling of connection with everyone and everything.

The daily morning practice is designed to provide the participants with an opportunity to develop a yoga / meditation practice which can be continued to use on return home. Golden times of silence will be for reflection of the year that is to pass and the year that lies ahead, giving clarity and a positive new direction.

It must be emphasized that we do not use meditation to withdraw from society, but to re-charge and connect with our spirit - the essence of who we really are. Then when we stand up from our silent sitting and interact with others - this is when the real meditation begins! This is where the fruits of our efforts will be rewarded as we maintain our 'air' of peacefulness and share that with those around us.

Within the idyllic island setting of Gili Air, we will connect with the elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air - feeling the ocean breeze, soaking up fresh prana, swimming with turtles - attuning our vibration with mother Earth and father Sky.

Join us at the H2O Bali Retreat Center for this unique spiritual retreat in Paradise.
Bindu Meston - founder of H2O Yoga and Meditation Centre, Gili Air.

Snorkeling Gili


Daily Yoga and Meditation classes. Hatha- Vinyasa- Aqua yoga - Bamboo stick yoga. Check Free H20 Yoga shirt ! ( womens or mens vest) many colors to choose from Check
1 x 3 hr Yoga Workshop (you can choose from either a Beginners Yoga workshop or a Yin Yoga Workshop) Check 1 snorkeling trip with the turtles at Gili Meno Check
6 sunset and sunrise meditation sessions on the beach Check Daily healthy island breakfast with seasonal fruit /muesli and vegetarian/vegan dinner. Check
6 evening Tibetan singing bowl meditations. Check Hotel pick-up and fast boat transfer to Gili Air and return trip back to Bali Check
7 meditation techniques Check 6 nights shared accommodation in a spacious poolside bungalow Check
4 group discussions on Element Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Check 1 spiritual movie afternoon and option silent day. Check
4 x Treatments at Island Spa: choose from Traditional massage, reflexology, manicure and pedicure Check Unlimited drinking water Check

Proposed daily schedule:

6.00am Sunrise Meditation

7.00am Morning Yoga Asana Class

8.30am Island Breakfast

9.45am Connecting with the elements ( includes snorkeling)

11.45 - 3.00pm Free time ( It is suggested that some of this time is use to practice techniques learnt during classes to build confidence in establishing the connection to your True Nature of Peace.)

3 pm - 4.45 pm Afternoon Class: Mix of Beach Yoga, Circuit Training, Bamboo Stick Yoga,,Chi Kung, discussions / movie.

5.15pm Sunset meditation: Contemplation/ Reflection/ Mindfulness/ Gratitude/ Chanting

7.30pm Vegetarian Dinner

8.45pm Evening meditation. Variation including sound meditation with Tibetan singing bowls.

9.15pm Bed / Take Rest

Yoga Retreat

From : $765USD

 Yoga Retreat

• $765USD includes accommodation in 6 bed spacious poolside bungalow
• $905USD includes standard private bungalow with detached amenities
• $1,010USD includes Deluxe bungalow with AC, hot water and ensuite.
(If wanting to upgrade to a private bungalow please contact us via the 'Contact us' section of this website so we can check availability for you)

Yoga Retreat Yoga Retreat

*Couples and Groups can apply for a discounted rate.

Includes: Flexible date tickets for shuttle bus and fast boat travel from Bali to Gili Air and return (1.5 hrs each way), Island breakfast, herbal teas and vegetarian dinner, and seven nights shared accommodation in a NEW spacious bungalow

* All retreats start at 2.45 pm on a Sunday and finish at 8 am on the following Saturday with the exception of the New Year Retreat and the March 12 Retreat which starts on a Monday and finishes on a Sunday due to NYEPI (Balinese Holiday)

True Nature Retreat

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