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'Sunrise - Sunset Yoga and Meditation Retreat'
8 Day Island Retreat

Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Aliance

2017: March 4-11 May 13-20

Dance Complete Sunrise Complete Sunset Complete

100 % Record !!

 Yoga Retreat

Yoga MindfullnessIsland time brings peace and tranquility and provides the perfect environment to ingrain the thought patterns and practice that is difficult for many to establish by only reading books.

H20 has hosted 50 retreats in a 4 year period with no cancellations. This means you can book in confidence.
Why do all of our events go ahead?

  1. Our retreats are 'In house' meaning they are held at our island paradise resort on Gili Air. Therefore we do not encounter problems in renting locations and we do not have a minimal number or attendees required to proceed. It truly is the best retreat location in the world.
  2. "The word is out." Our retreats have gained an excellent reputation! You don't have to search far to find a great review. There are no last minute disappointments at H20. Just choose your date, reserve your place, finalize your travel plans, relax and breathe easy!

Testimonials 2017

“The H2O Yoga and Meditation retreat was one of the best things I've ever decided to do in my life. The people working at H2O are just lovely and amazing!”
Weronica from Poland, March 2017

"Hands down the most positive people and best yoga teachers I have come across. Wonderfully organized retreat in a beautiful setting."
Aine from Ireland, March 2017

"As a newby to yoga and meditation, this retreat was wonderful. I recommend it to anyone who wants to understand themselves better."
Marion from France, March 2017

"An unforgettable life experience you should gift to yourself, an investment to the self"
Cassie from Scotland, March 2017

"Such a beautiful week and such a safe environment to really be able to reconnect with yourself; loved every moment."
Kyra from Canada, March 2017

"I absolutely loved the sunrise/sunset walks to the beach it was very special. To stay at this most beautiful place has helped me to relax and reflect on what I want to do with life, and continue a daily yoga and meditation practice."
Sue from England, March 2017

'Open to all levels'

Chocolate Yoga Silence Who doesn't like a Sunrise or a Sunset? Especially 7 sunrises and 7 sunsets in a row!

We are so fortunate on this small island to get both.

Just a 15 minute walk across the island from East Beach to West beach to experience both. In between that time we have yoga, meditation and fun, creative activities. The morning sunrise brings happiness and health to every cell and the evening sunset provides us space for peaceful contemplation.

This exciting jouney will bring an easy everyday approach to cultivating a still mind by adopting our Mindfulness Training methods.
This is a system that is accessable to everybody, that is useful and effective. The Kitchen is a great place to practice full awareness and enter the wonderful space of present moment. Food preperation and cooking is 'meditation in motion' when approached it the right way, and what better way then with chocolate! Yes, there will be joy in our practice.

Doing this eight day course will ingrain the thought patterns and practice that is difficult for many to establish by only reading books on the topic. You will gain confidence by knowing you are doing it right, and we love answering questions!


Yoga and Meditation
Chocolate Moulding
Present moment food preparation
Bamboo handicraft

Chocolate Yoga SilenceThis retreat will bring you in to the present moment with ease rather than force. In our yoga practice, rather than just doing the pose, we will start to become subtly aware of what we are feeling and experiencing. The yoga practice will become more enjoyable and your mind will be focussed and sharp, working in conjunction with the physical body.

When you do leave the retreat, you will have a new life approach of mindfulness. People will notice the calmness, contentment and confidence that will be a part of you.

Alicia Jan 2016. True Nature Retreat.
We experienced peaceful silence into the New Year reflecting on either mind, body or soul. It was beautiful and revealing. May we all experience inner serenity, love, and acceptance

Chocolate Yoga SilenceChocolate Yoga Silence During the Mindfulness retreat there are some small silent periods which will sharpen your awareness in the present moment, taking you in to a very clear head space..

If you are looking for a change that will bring a new positive outlook on your life and have one week to devote to this, then this is the one for you!

Cost: $735 USD

Yoga Retreat
Chocolate Yoga SilenceChocolate Yoga SilenceMindfulness is awareness. If we can become more aware of the decisions and choices we make at the time of making them we will live with less regrets as our actions will be aligned with our beliefs, our morals and our true nature. This is the beautiful place our mindfulness practice will take us to...
"Inner harmony"


Chocolate molding,flavoring, appreciation and bamboo handicraft making. Check Mindfulness instruction, practice and refinement. Check
10 yoga classes ( AM -Vinyasa PM- Mindfulness ) Check 1 massage treatments at island spa Check
7 nights shared accommodation in a spacious poolside bungalow Check 1 snorkeling trip with the turtles at Gili Meno Check
7 sunset and sunrise meditation sessions on the beach Check Daily healthy island breakfast with seasonal fruit /muesli and vegetarian/vegan dinner, lunch is also provided on the 3 days. Check
7 evening Tibetan singing bowl meditations. Check Hotel pick-up and fast boat transfer to Gili Air and return trip back to Bali Check
2 spiritual movie afternoons Check Unlimited drinking water. Check

Proposed Schedule

  6 am   Wake up bell for sunrise meditation at East Beach.
  7 am   Vinyasa Flow Yoga
  8.30 am   Breakfast
  10 am   Chocolate moulding, Mindfulness food prep, handicraft activities
  11 am   Free time
  3.30 pm   Mindfulness in Yoga: Asana practice / workshop
  5.15 pm   Sunset at West Beach: Walking meditation and Chi Kung
  7.15 pm   Silent vegetarian dinner and chocolate appreciation desert.
  8.30 pm   Spiritual reading and singing bowl meditation.
  9 pm   Take Rest.

Sunrise-Sunset Retreat

Cancellation Policy